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Dienstag, 28.03.2017
00:01:57Factor Ft. Icon The MVicious Cycle
00:04:47Chubb Rock & WordsmithSoul Baby Blues
00:08:26R-MeanFly Away
00:13:21BambuCrooks And Rooks
00:16:32Ne-Yo Feat. JeezyMoney Can't Buy
00:20:44Diddy - Dirty MoneyLove Come Down
00:24:45Notorious B.I.G. Ft. DiddyNasty Girl
00:28:36Trick DaddyTears Of A Grown Man
00:33:06Flipsyde Ft. PiperHappy Birthday
00:36:19Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (Ft. Ray Dalton)
00:40:37ShoreshotStill A Success
00:44:08KingpinOh Damn!
00:49:06Stat QuoAlmost Home
00:51:53Eddi Projex (Ft. Beeda Weeda)Shine At Night
00:56:29A-LeeHold On Ft. Holee'o
01:00:07Brother AliPhilistine David
01:03:34Andre NickatinaBTCH
01:06:38Yun-GunTwo (Radio)
01:10:10Wu-SyndicateOnly Heaven Knows
01:13:41The IllestFar East Movement
01:18:21CambattaSomething You Can Feel
01:21:13AgermanReal Life Ft. Billionz Kash...
01:24:56Grandmaster FlashThe Message
01:29:32Action BronsonBeautiful Music
01:32:28MC EsotericBack To The Lab
01:35:21DonwillGood (Ft. C. Grand, C. Hughes)
01:40:24ExtremeDoing 90
01:46:44RequiemSlum Gutters
01:50:12PlexThe Road (Ft. Brandon Brown)
01:53:18Fergie Ft. LudacrisGlamorous
01:57:20Cassie (Ft. Diddy)Must Be Love
02:01:35Chubb Rock & WordsmithJealously Ting
02:04:34Dj Official Ft. God's ServantMissio Dei
02:09:20Camp LoBeautiful People
02:13:24Kanye West Ft. Mr. HudsonParanoid
02:17:59Rah DiggaLesson Of Today
02:22:21AxiomAx Is Art (Ft. Asis)
02:26:28Dush TrayWhen I Finally Touch Down
02:30:3567 MobChasin' The High
02:34:29Asher RothSour Patch Kids
02:38:37Skyrelli & BrobickHome Alone
02:42:22Group HomeG.U.R.U. Ft. Jeru The Damaja
02:45:58Jay-ZWishing On A Star
02:49:47DirtyBorn In The Ghetto (Ft. Khuj)
02:53:33Vic MensaDown On My Luck
02:57:00Timbaland (Ft. K. Hilson)Way I Are
02:59:48Blue ScholarsCinemetropolis
03:03:49Flipsyde Ft. PiperHappy Birthday
03:07:02Sha StimuliHave You Seen Him?
03:11:11Black Eyed PeasOne Tribe (Album Vers.)
03:15:36PaperboysThe Greatest Thing
03:20:32Chali 2NADon't Stop
03:23:41M.O.P.Street Life (Ft. Demarco)
03:27:19Chalie BoyI Look Good
03:31:27Big ShugCrush
03:33:46Zion I And The GrouchBe A Father To Your Child
03:37:26Notes To SelfWhat I Am
03:42:24Mind Over MatterI Can't Wait
03:46:10J.k. Haze Ft. Krumb SnatchaWork It
03:50:17AgermanReal Life Ft. Billionz Kash...
03:54:00Headstrong CompanyThe Company Flow
03:57:48Deliberate ThoughtUnderground
04:01:28Mobb DeepGet Out Our Way
04:04:35Akon Ft. FlashyStay Down
04:08:36Stat QuoAlmost Home
04:11:23The Chemical BrothersGalvanize (Edit)
04:14:33Pagen ElypsisIt'll Be OK
04:18:46Cassie (Ft. Diddy)Must Be Love
04:23:01Mr. LifWhat About Us
04:25:59Camp LoBoogie Nights
04:29:05Eden & Lil FlipJust A Dream
04:32:01Glasses MaloneI Get Doe
04:35:25Jae Synth Ft. Bueno, Dezit EazGreedy
04:40:25Brother AliBegin Here
04:43:28Daniel SonC Me Ballin Ft. Smiley...
04:47:27Skyrelli & BrobickU Want It
04:50:23Jason Dean BeatsShoot Me (Ft. Promoe & DJ Fi)
04:53:53BlakrocDollaz & Sense Ft. Rza & Ph...
04:57:31Missy Elliot Ft. Ciara & FatmaLose Control
05:00:31Awol One & FactorSunset Sandwich
05:03:18Triple C's Ft. Rick Ross & BirGo
05:07:36Asher RothSour Patch Kids
05:11:44Group HomeG.U.R.U. Ft. Jeru The Damaja
05:15:18DirtyStay On Da Grind (Ft. Lil Bu)
05:19:49Max MinelliIf It Wasn't For Love
05:23:49Ne-Yo Feat. JeezyMoney Can't Buy
05:27:54Collective ElementsFight Back
05:32:5650 CentTia Told Me
05:36:42ChamillionaireGood Morning
05:40:13GonzMy Way
05:45:04Bliss N EsoFlying Through The City
05:48:18Mack 10Street Shit (Ft. Glasses M.)
05:52:10RequiemSlum Gutters
05:55:38Mind Over MatterI Can't Wait
05:59:22Adroit EffusiveYin Yang
06:02:58Headstrong CompanyThe Company Flow
06:14:53TwistaWan't My Dough
06:19:13Akon Ft. Snoop DogI Wanna Love
06:23:08Chubb Rock & WordsmithThe Steppers Studio
06:29:35Lil Wayne Ft. DrakeRight Above It
06:34:04Black Eyed PeasDon't Lie
06:37:32Aesop FablesLiving The Dream While Awake
06:41:24The TonesThat Real Ft. Kaotic
06:45:57Mr. Garth Culti VaderMisunderstood
06:48:55SojournAll Things Considered
06:52:30GrievesDirtnap Nightmares
06:55:56Diddy - Dirty MoneyLove Come Down
06:59:56BK-OneBlue Balls (Ft. Blueprint)
07:02:33BlakrocWhat You Do To Me Ft. Nicole..
07:07:36CanibusGold & Bronze Magik
07:13:09Asher RothLark On My Go-Kart
07:15:56The IllestFar East Movement
07:20:35Marky MarkHey DJ
07:24:15Eden & Lil FlipJust A Dream
07:27:11Big ShugCrush
07:29:32Brother AliPalm The Joker
07:31:51Flo Rida Ft. Nelly FurtadoJump
07:35:19Mobb DeepGet Out Our Way
07:38:25A-LeeHold On Ft. Holee'o
07:42:04Chali 2NA4 Be Be (Ft. Ming Xia)
07:46:46KingpinOh Damn!
07:51:44Scribbling IdiotsPushing Along
07:55:19N.O.R.ETake Ya Face Off
07:59:43SeraniShe Loves Me
08:02:49Stat QuoThe Sun
08:06:00Triple C's Ft. Rick Ross & BirGo
08:10:18Gucci ManeSo Icey (Rmx Ft. Young Jeez)
08:14:23Kid InkTime Of Your Life
08:18:20Pete Rock & Cl SmoothStraighten It Out
08:22:26OutrageousEnd Of The Rope
08:26:20Chubb Rock & WordsmithOl Skool Flava
08:29:47Ja Rule Ft. Fat JoeNew York
08:33:58MC EsotericBack To The Lab
08:36:51Collective EffortsThis Far
08:41:569th PrinceAnother Summer Love
08:45:30RedramaSlow Down
08:49:10Headstrong CompanyThe Company Flow
08:52:58ApexPlease Don't Front
08:56:02Black Eyed PeasDon't Lie
08:59:30Mr. Garth Culti VaderMisunderstood
09:02:27B.O.B Aka Bobby Ray Ft. HayleyAirplanes
09:05:16Collective ElementsFight Back
09:10:15Missy ElliottShake Your Pom Pom
09:14:10Mind Over MatterBroken Me
09:18:07Pitch Black Ft. Styles P.Nice
09:21:01Jay-ZWishing On A Star
09:28:18Asher RothBlunt Cruisin
09:31:49ChamillionaireGood Morning
09:35:19Andre NickatinaBTCH
09:36:53Astronomy ClassPursuit Of Happiness (Diafrix)
09:40:46Jern Eye (Lunar Heights)Burnin Ft. Cali Agents And Ari
09:45:13Meek MillHouse Party
09:49:2550 CentI Get It In
09:52:22Soulstice & SBEBeyond Borders (Ft. Supastiti)
09:55:56Notorious B.I.G. Ft. DiddyNasty Girl
10:01:17Tone SpliffSettin' The Stage
10:04:50Bliss N EsoFlying Through The City
10:08:05Sean PriceDuckdown (Ft. Skyzoo & Torae)
10:10:36AxiomAx Is Art (Ft. Asis)
10:14:43CanibusGold & Bronze Magik
10:20:22AgermanReal Life Ft. Billionz Kash...
10:27:52ShoreshotStill A Success
10:31:23Daniel SonC Me Ballin Ft. Smiley...
10:35:22Brother AliPhilistine David
10:38:49Chubb Rock & WordsmithChocolate City (Part 2)
10:41:57Down Aka KiloToday Is The Day We Play
10:45:43NecroSerpent's Bite
10:48:33Deliberate ThoughtUnderground
10:52:14The Bum Keef GPlayin' (Ft. Krayzie Bone...)
10:55:30Stat QuoHow It Goes
10:58:00Diddy - Dirty MoneyLove Come Down
11:02:01Fifth Harmony Ft. Kid InkWorth It
11:09:45A-LeeHold On Ft. Holee'o
11:13:24B.O.B Aka Bobby Ray Ft. HayleyAirplanes
11:16:13Asher RothLa Di Da
11:20:03Cassie (Ft. Diddy)Must Be Love
11:24:18Missy ElliottShake Your Pom Pom
11:28:13Wu-SyndicateEye Candy (Ft. Jesse Taylor)
11:35:30Timbaland (Ft. K. Hilson)Way I Are
11:38:19Mr. LifFolklore (Ft. Dumbtron & Vinn)
11:41:40Kid InkTime Of Your Life
11:45:32Beyonce Ft. Jay-ZDeja Vu
11:49:31Dush TrayWhen I Finally Touch Down
11:53:36Collective EffortsThis Far
11:58:41Camp LoBeautiful People
12:02:44DeceptikonzEvolution Ft. Adeaze
12:06:45Sha StimuliHave You Seen Him?
12:10:54Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (Ft. Ray Dalton)
12:15:12Black Eyed PeasOne Tribe (Album Vers.)
12:19:43CambattaSomething You Can Feel
12:22:36Mike EppsGone Back To Indiana
12:27:01AmpichinoMy Life (Ft. Hood Rich & Mar.)
12:31:36PlexGrateful (Ft. Darp Malone)
12:38:4050 CentI Get It In
12:41:37ChamillionaireGood Morning
12:45:10Gagle Ft. Bonnie PinkCorona And Lime
12:51:02Brother AliBegin Here
12:54:03City RealPassing Me By Ft. Wes Mackey
12:57:44Mobb DeepGet Out Our Way
13:00:50Waka Flocka FlameHard In Da Paint
13:04:56Artistic AnimalDepend On Me (Ft. Brison B.)
13:09:35MatreInside Out
13:13:46K.I.Z. Ft. Henning MayHurra Die Welt Geht Unter
13:18:33Pitbull Ft. AkonShut It Down
13:22:15Asher RothBlunt Cruisin
13:25:43KingpinOh Damn!
13:30:44Adroit Effusive5 Days Of Work
13:35:45Scooter Smiff (Ft. Chris Brow)Head Of My Class
13:39:19Stat QuoAlmost Home
13:42:06Fergie Ft. LudacrisGlamorous
13:46:11Boog Brown & Apollo BrownCarpe Diem